Diploma in Master of the Potty


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So your little one has finally mastered the art of doing the doo.

Are those tears of joy or sadness? Either way, we get it. But we also believe that it is cause for much rejoicing. And what better way to celebrate than a certified, official, diploma from the auspicious Lil Helper Pottytecnic Institoot.

There are two ways to confer the honor of Master of the Potty upon your proud grad:

(1) You can simply download the FREE printable electronic copy right HERE.

(2) If you’d like an actual certificate with Uncle Mo’s precious, hand-written signature (not an electronic signature like the first one), you can add this item to your cart. There is a small cost for printing, shipping, and paying Mo’s “talent” fee. (He told his mother that his autograph would be worth something someday and this is his way of proving himself right.)

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