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We are a small company but we employ some amazing warehouse elves who will make sure your order is shipped with 24-48 hours of confirmation!

If there is an issue with any part of your order our awesome Delight team will contact you about it ASAP after your order is received.

Delivery takes 4-10 business days for items sent via our shipping agent. If your package is small enough to be sent via Letter Mail we may do so to save both of us money. In which case 14+ days is typical.

All orders sent out via our shipping agent will have tracking available and the tracking number will be sent to your email address when your order leaves our warehouse.

If the order is sent Letter Mail, it cannot be tracked via Canada Post.

Please let me say, I am sorry for the inconvenience!

It’s a pain in the rear to deal with any of the shipping companies. Fret not, we have ways to get around it.

So, this is how the shipping costs for an order shipped to the wrong address works: say your order was shipped with Canada Post/USPS for $15. It goes to the wrong address and bounces back to the warehouse. The shipping company will charge us another $15 to bring it back. We have no control over the return, it will come back to us regardless of what we do. Now we pay another $15 to ship it back to you. So, in total, the costs of shipping the package becomes $45. ($15 initial shipping to wrong address + $15 return shipping to the warehouse + $15 shipping to the correct address = $45).

If the order was to the wrong address and it was our fault, we take full responsibility for it. You don’t have to worry about a thing. Just sit back, make yourself a mimosa or two and let us handle the dirty work!

Once in a while, the incorrect address is given to us. Say your actual house number is 30 but because you’ve had a long day and, placing the order at 3 am in the morning after getting up and feeding your baby, you mistakenly put house number 38. Or, you forgot to give us your apartment or suite number. Stuff like this happens all the time. If you catch the mistake before the order is shipped out and let us know about it, we will change your address and make sure it is delivered to the right address. However, once the package leaves our door we have no control. If that is the case, we beg and plead with you to help us out with the shipping costs. The best way we can deal with that, is if you help out with half of the shipping expenses. So, of the supposed $45, we’d humbly request you to bear 50% of the total cost. We will still be sharing the cost of the shipping with you, even though it’s not our fault.

Regardless of whose fault it is, if the order is shipped to a neighbour of yours, just go and tell them as quickly as you can that they will be getting a delivery in your name in a day or so and please save the package for you. If you live in a small town or community, you can also talk to your post office or postman/woman and let them know that you are expecting a package with the wrong address and they will gladly still deliver it to you. This will help save all of us a lot of time and cash.

Returns & Exchanges

Lil Helper will guarantee workmanship and materials in a properly cared for product for one year from the date of purchase. Our warranty covers all components of our products including the snaps, lining, elastic and waterproofing. The warranty is extended to the original purchaser of the products only.

Proof of purchase from an authorized retailer is required if you have not purchased your product directly from this site.

To make a warranty claim, please contact

Except in cases of manufacturing or component defect, this guarantee does not cover leaking, diaper odor or normal wear/tear or inappropriate undoing of the snaps. We have provided a video explaining the correct procedure for undoing the snaps.

Warranty is void when:
The washing instructions have not been followed.
• The diaper has been altered.
• Any of the following has been used in conjunction with the use/care of the product:
     ○ Water temperatures exceeding 100°F or 60°C
     ○ Fabric softeners
     ○ Any caustic substance
     ○ Diaper rash cream
• Product was a free gift from Lil Helper, as part of a promotional package.

No refunds are available on starter kits, trial diapers, day packs, or lite diaper kits.

Refunds and exchanges will only be issued for any unused and unwashed products that can be re-sold, except in the case of manufacturer defect. Lil Helper shipping costs for the original order will be deducted from the refund in cases where FREE shipping has applied. Shipping and handling costs are not refundable.

We require a proof of purchase for all exchanges and replacements, as well as a photograph of the item, if the item is not being returned. We will only accept products purchased from an approved Lil Helper retailer or from our website.

Refunds and exchanges do not include shipping costs and must be made within 30 days of purchase.

Exchanges are allowed if:
• The items were bought from or We cannot do any exchanges for products bought from any other resellers or vendors.
• The diapers and/or accessories are in brand new condition with the packaging still on.
• The diapers and/or accessories have never been worn or washed. Just as you would want to be sure that all the products received from us are brand new, we want to give that same peace of mind to all other customers.
• The package is sent back within 30 days of you receiving the package.

The shipping charges to our warehouse will be at customer expense. We suggest that you use a tracked shipping service so you can be sure that the package was received at our warehouse.
We will have to charge you a nominal fee of $13 for any package that is shipped back to you to carry out your exchange. We will send an invoice for shipping back the product via PayPal.

Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you for trying our diapers and sending us your feedback. We are so sad that Lil Helpers are not love for you!

However, we hope you don’t give up cloth diapering completely. There are some amazing companies out there that have worked so hard to bring cloth diapers into the 21st century and make it accessible and easy for everyone!

Check out this video to see a few we wholeheartedly recommend:

About Lil Helper

In Canada, you can find us online at Toys R Us, and Walmart

Basic answer: Canada and China.

We make some of our products in Canada, and some in China. If you’ve been following us the last few years you’ll notice the change as we have moved many of our products to Canadian manufacturing. Everything except our diapers are now made in Canada.

More details about our manufacturing partners here.

Apart from the known fact that we are terrible businessmen, there are several other reasons that have contributed to this seeming lack of judgement

• We don’t make our consumers pay our office rent, if you didn’t already know, we don’t have an office. We operate from a Starbucks / Second Cup/ Tim Hortons until asked to make room for paying customers. During my my daughter’s nap time, I also pretend to do work at home.
• Both Nader and I live like monks: I eat twice a day and feed Nader once- only if he is nice.
• Profits are not our only motivation to provide good products. We need profits to sustain, but we know that profitability will not be possible if we don’t give our products good value. By keeping costs low, we encourage more people to use our & contribute to the cloth diapering movement.
• Hoping that more people will subscribe to our message we will eventually make our money in volume sales/karma (winning a lottery!!!!) if not through high margins.

A. Our products are not cheap- they are inexpensive/ affordable/ reasonably priced- not cheap. Cheap is the stuff you buy from your local Dollar Shop that comes apart in two uses.
We keep our costs low by optimizing our resources like inventory, staff & logistics, buying and selling local products as much as possible, not having a brick and mortar shop or high initial start-up costs which would require us to invest in machinery that we don’t really need.

Once we do all this- we pass the savings to our community rather than have ginormous profit margins. But in all honesty, we will not sell anything, not even a single item, that that we are not comfortable using on our own children. We aim to roll in cash one day and thus religiously buy lottery tickets.

When Sophie & I went to baby stores looking for cloth diapering options for our yet unborn child, we found good products, but they weren’t great & both of us being thrifty shoppers- found it expensive. My passion for saving my “hard-earned” money combined with inherent geekiness drove me to design a more functional & affordable cloth diaper that could be used on our new baby. Nader was sucked into it since he had his evenings free and is a faster CAD monkey than yours truly. We were trying to solve our own problem and realized that this quandary is probably being faced by other parents who want to do the right thing without selling a kidney.

When we build planes and spaceships- we know that the probability of ever owning a plane that we help build is slim to none. There was never a personal connection with what we were creating- no matter how much we enjoyed doing it. By creating cloth diapers we knew that we were solving a real world problem and through that we could also help struggling parents with sustainable diapering options, through our Baby Do Good program.

General Cloth Diaper Questions

1) You want your kids to leave a better legacy than their dirty disposables! Until they are potty trained one North American child will add about 6000 diapers to the landfill. Which remain there until your child’s 8x great grandchildren are born and add to that pile! 500 YEARS (just so you don’t have to do the math). On the other hand most cloth diapers, as their name suggests, mainly consist of cloth which completely disintegrates back into the ecosystem at the end of its life-cycle.

2) You don’t use candles to light your home. Imagine buying candles from a big box store to light up your home for an hour at a time and then lighting another one that will also need replacing. It is inefficient, messy, expensive and dangerous at times, to use candles to light your home. Plus they don’t do a good job anyways (can I make the analogy to disposables any more clear??). Using candles for light during a power outage makes sense because it is a temporary solution to the lack of electricity. That is how one should view disposable- as a temporary solution. Cloth diapers are the long-term sustainable choice and a more efficient one.
In other words if you use a bulb instead of candles than switching to cloth diapers should be an obvious choice.

3) You are not a billionaire. Even the most luxurious and expensive cloth diapers will end up costing you far less than disposables, when you compare on a per diaper change basis. Most people go the extra mile to save some cash since “money does not grow on trees” but when it comes to diapering their kids they will not think twice about putting their hard-earned money on the side of the curb- wrapped in a garbage bag, of course.

4) You do things thinking about the long term. If you had to choose between a $100 car that will not last you more than a month compared to a $2000 car that will last you at least 4 years- which one would you choose? I am guessing the $2000 car unless you want an escape vehicle after robbing the bank. If you have or plan to buy a house as opposed to renting for the rest of your life, you have thought about the long term benefits and cost savings. Dropping a little bit more cash to buy cloth diapers will definitely save a you a lot more money in the long run because you will not be spending $50/week for the next 2 ½ years buying disposables.

5) You don’t like driving to your big box retailer every week. Every parent using disposables will tell you that they are in constant fear of running out! It is how Jerry Seinfeld describes the fear of running out of milk, but at least milk is healthy, nutritious and it makes some ordinary cereal taste incredible; cannot say the same about disposables. Cloth diapers save you the time, energy and hassle of visiting your drug store (pun unintentional) every week. You will have enough things on your “buy-list” anyways, once your family starts growing.

6) You love your kid’s tush. Your lil one will definitely appreciate the fact that you are covering their most delicate parts with soft, natural fabrics and not chemical-ridden plastics and potentially harmful material. In return they might be less cranky and a tad bit happier. And when your kid grows up and refuses to put you in the better retirement home just because it’s a longer drive from where they live, tell them that you used cloth diapers since you wanted the very best for their well being… and now this is how they repay you. We’ll gladly accept a portion of your pension, if you want to say thanks.

7) You want to help the community. Admit it, if you had the time and the energy, you would be volunteering at your local soup kitchen or donating a part of your paycheck (be it just a tiny fraction) to a worthy cause. Well, we are like that too! We give one brand new cloth diaper to a family in need for every 3 diapers we sell. This gift is made on behalf of YOU, our customers, and will be done at the end of each month. The “Baby Do Good” section of our website is where we hold ourselves accountable for our pledged diapers. By committing to this pledge we are contributing our drop in the ocean. To be fair, the credit still rests with our customers for making it possible.

Here is our video explanation and our quick infographic explanation. For those with a little more time, read on ahead.

Our diaper covers are designed to allow parents to use it multiple times during diaper changes. Only the soiled or wet insert is replaced with a fresh one. Instead of buying more diapers, you save money and reduce your laundry by buying more inserts. You can interchange any diaper with any insert we sell.

So, I assume you want to do a laundry load every 2-3 days. A newborn is expected to go through 8-12 diaper changes a day- lets average it out to 10 diaper changes a day. This is the maximum number of times you will change your child, hence this is the worst case scenario.As your child gets older, you will need fewer diaper changes.

You can reuse the Lil Helper diaper cover at least twice before putting it for a wash. Thus, each day you would need 6 diaper covers with 10 pairs of inserts. We have conveniently set up a Day Pack for you which has enough diapers, extra inserts + accessories for 1 full day of cloth diapering needs.

After 2 days, you’ll have 12 soiled diaper covers and 20 soiled insert sets. End of 2 days, you would have 2 dirty Day Packs.

While you are laundering the soiled diapers you’ll still have 6 clean diaper covers and 10 sets of fresh inserts or 1 full day pack. For three days you would need 18 diapers (each diaper comes with a pair of charcoal inserts) and an additional 12 inserts, which is basically 3 Day Packs. You could get a few more diapers just to give you a little bit of cushion. For the fourth day, assuming you’ve washed and dried the diapers on the third night you’ll have your stash clean and ready for another round of (ab)use.

Here’s a video by Mohammed, Chief Doo-Doo Officer at Lil Helper explaining how to take care of the snaps. Enjoy.

Lil Helper Diapers are designed to fit your baby from the day they come home (or soon after) to the day you release your fully potty-trained child into the wild! We have tips and tricks out the ying yang to maximize your leak protection at every stage! These videos are a great start:

Fit for under 7 pounds

Fit for newborn

Fit for 20 pounds

Fit for toddler

What??! You have leaks?! That CANNOT be borne! Check out our Leaky App for help narrowing down the cause so you can get back to leak-free bliss ASAP.

Stink is something that happens IN a diaper but should not happen TO the diaper. If you are dealing with some smelly, stinky diapers we’ve got you covered! Click here.

Washing Instructions

Hear ye, hear ye!! Lil Helper diapers DO NOT NEED TO BE PREPPED!

Yes, you heard right, they do NOT need to be prepped!

Every diaper and insert comes to you ready to be used with all the absorption you will ever need just waiting to wick away your baby’s wets (cue happy dance…)!

We do recommend giving the new diapers a quick wash at least once in warm or cold water to get rid of any dust that may have accumulated from the warehouse or shipping. You will only need to use ½ the recommended amount of detergent for this short cycle as the diapers are already clean, you are just freeing them of dust.

1. Make sure any solid “stuff” is already out of the diapers and liners before you throw it in the washer.
2. Pre-wash the diapers (short cycle) in warm/cold water using the recommended brand and amount of detergent. Check here.
3. Heavy Duty (longest cycle) warm/cold wash with proper detergent amount

For those who prefer a more visual explanation, check out our video or snazzy infographic.

*When it comes to detergent, we realize not one size fits all. You may need/want something other than Tide due to allergies/sensitivities or other personal reasons, but we want to make sure that whatever you choose to use is cloth diaper safe. We use Fluff Love University’s resources as they have compiled their vast knowledge of cloth diaper laundry in one place. They have a great detergent index which shows what IS and IS NOT cloth safe.

Happy laundering!

Short Answer: Line or hang dry the diaper shells and covers when possible, because we love the environment and and do not want to pay extra electricity bills.

Longer Answer: As ecophiles, we would recommend that you line or hang dry our cloth diapers after each wash. But we have families and tight schedules and amazing dryers, too. So if you put our liners in the dryer use the tumble dry setting with medium heat. We recommend that our diapers covers or diaper shells not be put in the dryer, if possible. This is to ensure that the PUL (Polyurethane Laminate) lining which is heat bonded on the inside of the outer layer of our shell (read it again if not clear) is not eroded. The PUL is what makes our diapers waterproof and the less heat it is exposed to the longer it will stay bonded to the fabric. If you absolutely have to put the diaper shells or diaper covers in the dryer do so at a low to medium heat. If you are drying the diapers shells and liners together, remove the diaper shells from the dryer after 10-20 minutes. From our experience, the diaper shells dry out far more quickly as compared to the liners.

We figure the first question most of you will have is: Do I have hard water? There are a few ways to test this. Below is my personal favourite.


It’s an easy solution! Add a water softener such as Borax or Calgon to your wash cycles. (About 1/4 cup or 60mL to the prewash and ½ cup or 125ml to the main wash)
Additionally, some powdered detergents have water softeners that help give a better clean in hard water. If your detergent isn’t proving strong enough, upgrading detergents will also help immensely!

If you have hard water, NEVER EVER do an extra rise! Essentially, you’re adding back all those mineral deposits you just cleared out with your new or increased detergent and water softeners.
For detailed information about hard water, cloth diapers, and you, we suggest you head over to Fluff Love University.

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